Who We Are


With Over 30 years of experience…

Dream Again Tax and Financial Consulting, LLC is a Christian and family-based company. We were founded in October of 2012 and began to stand alone in May 2013. Dream Again Tax and Financial Consulting Service, LLC is a company that believes in giving not taking.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to educate our clients on how to maintain throughout a year financially. We understand that financial education, besides God, is the key to survival.  We love ALL people and Want to see everyone succeed.

Our Vision

Dream Again believes in financial education and growth, the power to obtain wealth, giving back to its community, and the capability to expand.

2018  marks our sixth year as a stand-alone company; Thanks to our clients last year we continue to grow. This is a place where you will not only get your maximum refund, but a place where you will receive the best customer service. You may even get a prayer or a word from God while you’re here. You definitely will get a lot of Love when you walk in. When you come into Dream Again, we want you to leave feeling better than the way you came in every sense. We don’t just have your money in mind; we have your heart in mind as well.        

Dream Again is not just an Income Tax Service. We deal with helping you create plans for your personal or business finances, budgets, insurance and tax inquiries. We are concerned about what we can do for you whether it is natural or spiritual. That’s just who we are! LOVE DOESN’T COST ANYTHING!

What We Offer

We offer a variety of financial, life planning and business services. Check them out!