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Frequently Asked Questions

My friend filed after me but received her refund first. Why?

Federal refunds are transmitted by an electronic feed and automatically sent to different processing centers all over the U. S. They are then processed in the 8 to 21 business day timeframe. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over whose returns get processed first.

Can someone else pick up my check?

We apologize but due to privacy laws you are the only person who can pick up your check unless we receive written notification in extenuating circumstances, and that must be approved by upper management. You must also have a valid state-issued ID or driver’s license to pick up your check.

How do I check on my MS State Tax?

For Mississippi State Income Tax, you can either call 601-923-7700 or go to You will need your Adjusted Gross Income to receive an update on your account.

What is the time frame of receiving my return?

IRS generally releases refunds within 8 to 21 business days of filing. However, they can hold returns and request for additional processing time if they choose.