Filing Options

We Offer multiple ways to file…check out the options below.


We offer Electronic Filing Services, which can speed up the time you can receive your return. It also allows you the opportunity to pay $0 up front.

Paper Filing

For the customers who are in no hurry. You can also pay upfront and get your returned mailed off for the regular processing time.

In Office

You can file at one of our locations that may be closest to you.

Taxes To Go

If you are overseas, across the country, or nowhere near close we have a new solution for you. We now have a secure solution for you.

You can now take a picture of all your info through this app. The app will then give you a code and only the person you give that code to can access your information.

Via Email

You can also securely email us with all your information and you will receive a response or call from us within 24 hours informing you that we received your information and giving you the next steps.


You can upload any information, such as tax audit letters, information for amendments, and information needed to complete the tax return, right here and we will receive it directly and you will receive a respond within 24 hours.